Dirty Devil Vodka Cocktails

More oxygen in your vodka, more flavor in your cocktails. 

Morin-Heights Mule by Dirty Devil Vodka


Dragon Fruit Lemonade

1 oz Dirty Devil Vodka

0.5 oz Monin Dragon fruit syrup 

 0.75 oz Vitality Lemonade concentrate

1 oz Ruby red grapefruit juice 

 2 oz Soda 

Morin-Heights Mule by Dirty Devil Vodka

Swift Berry Bliss

Fill highball glass with ice

1.5 oz Dirty Devil Vodka

Squeeze of lime juice

Fill to top with cranberry juice

Garnish with lime wedge & world domination

Morin-Heights Mule by Dirty Devil Vodka

Morin-Heights Mule

1.5 oz. Dirty Devil Vodka

2-3 oz. TGG Spicy Ginger Beer

2-3 oz. Lime Sparkling Water

Lime juice

Ice cubes

Garnish with a lime wedge.


Blood Orange Sparkler cocktail with a slice of orange

Blood Orange Sparkler

The original recipe calls for 7 ingredients. If you have more than 4, we’re coming over for dinner.

1 1⁄2 oz of Dirty Devil Vodka

3 oz freshly squeezed Blood Orange Juice

 1 tbsp of Rosemary simple syrup

 1 dash of orange bitters

Add ice, we’re not British

Fill with sparkling water

Two smokey devil cocktails on a table

Smokey Devil

2 1/2 oz Dirty Devil Vodka

1 dash Mezcal

Combine in a shaker over ice

 Shake as if your life depended on it

 (not for the faint of heart)

Garnish with lemon twist

Puring Vodka into a simply devlish cocktail

Simply Devilish

1 1⁄2 oz Dirty Devil Vodka

Lime Wedge


Top off with seltzer

 (pick a flavor, we’re not fussy)

Orange You A Devil cocktail on a table

Orange You A Devil

2 oz Dirty Devil Vodka

1/2 oz dry vermouth

1/2 oz triple sec

1 dash orange bitters

Garnish with orange twist

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